1. Make a POST request to Security/Authentication with the following parameters:



    Example response:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. Calculate an SHA-512 encrypted string using a combination of the token received in the previous step, the user name and the password. This example uses the jsSHA library:

    shaPassword = new jsSHA(password, "ASCII");
    shaStep1 = new jsSHA(shaPassword.getHash("SHA-512", "HEX"), "ASCII");
    shaStep2 = new jsSHA(loginToken, "ASCII");
    HashedToken = shaStep1.getHMAC(username, "ASCII", "SHA-512", "HEX");
    HashedToken = shaStep2.getHMAC(HashedToken, "ASCII", "SHA-512", "HEX");

    For example code in Python see Authentication using Python.

  3. Make a POST request to Security/Authentication/Login with the following parameters:





  4. Use the session token from the response as a header for POST requests or as a parameter for GET requests that need authorization.


    Authorization: <SESSION>